SCC Foundation has filed suit against Ohio State University. Click here for details.

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Students for Concealed Carry Foundation is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, registered as a public charity. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent that the law allows.

SCCF is currently raising money for our first full-time staffer position. For the next $20,000 we raise, each dollar you donate will be matched by a generous donor. Please consider a donation today.

Students for Concealed Carry Foundation is an all-volunteer organization that seeks to educate college students, and in the process, help them to protect their rights. We offer advice, instruction, and materials to students who seek help regarding the protection of their First and Second Amendment rights on college campuses. SCCF does not engage in lobbying. Groups who receive funding from SCCF are likewise prohibited from using that money to engage in either direct or indirect lobbying.

Sometimes, protecting our rights means going to Court. SCCF has recently filed a lawsuit against The Ohio State University. You can read about it here. Prior to the formation of SCCF, our legal team at Students for Concealed Carry was victorious in their lawsuit against the University of Colorado. The ruling made by the Colorado Supreme Court legalized campus carry in the entire state of Colorado.

Because we work with college students, funds are often difficult to come across. Yet, an investment in our students will pay itself forward for many years to come as these students become the activists, parents, and even legislators of the future. Please help us ensure that today’s college students hold their rights as dear as you do.

Below you’ll find a link to donate to SCCF using PayPal. This doesn’t require an account – PayPal will also accept credit cards. We appreciate your generosity. If you have any questions regarding your donation – or before you donate – you may contact Reid Smith, Director of Development, at

Or, you can mail us at:
Students for Concealed Carry Foundation
PO Box 9830
Moscow, Idaho 83843 

The Students for Concealed Carry Foundation (SCCF) respects the privacy of our donors and their choice not to have personal information shared with others. SCCF does not and will not sell, rent, or trade donor information to organizations that use such information for commercial purposes.  Occasionally we make donor mailing lists available for one time use by selected nonprofits in return for donor lists from those organizations.  This helps SCCF continue to grow.  Our donors may instruct that we exclude their information from any lists that we share.  All such requests should be directed to Crayle Vanest,, and will be implemented as soon as possible.